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The Cartoon That Shocked Me Into Realizing Animation Wasn't for Kids

Illustration for article titled The Cartoon That Shocked Me Into Realizing Animation Wasnt for Kids

We know that animated stories and movies are for people of all ages. And yet — many kids are raised on a diet of cartoons. Which means that at some point, every kid realizes that cartoons can be just as scary and bewildering as grown-up live action tales. What cartoon gave you this realization?


For me, it was the largely forgotten but awesome Lord of the Rings film, directed by Ralph Bakshi. My parents had decided for some reason that it would be kid-friendly (because cartoon!), so they dragged me to see it at the local repertory theater — and I spent the next two hours cowering in abject terror in my seat.

The Ringwraiths were especially terrifying, partly because they were created by overlaying animation on top of live action. It looked ridiculously spooky. From that moment on, I never trusted my parents when they said, "Hey, it's a cartoon, so you'll like it!" Yeah, right.


What was your "loss of innocence" cartoon experience? Tell us what about it made you realize cartoons weren't just for kids, and include pictures, video, or links!

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Watership Down. Of course, I fell in love with it when I was still a kid, so I guess it was for kids after all. Or at least one kid. Me.