Move Over, Noah. Ridley Scott's Exodus Is THE Biblical Tentpole Of 2014

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Why is Ridley Scott's Exodus movie different from all other movies? Because it has Christian Bale as Moses, shout-acting and growing a Duck Dynasty beard as he unleashes locusts, alligators and blood splatters on Egypt. Because it has insanely widescreen Biblical effects. Because it looks insane.


Apart from including tons and tons of ridiculous VFX sequences and over-the-top shouty carnage, this trailer also makes the theme of Scott's Exodus clear: Ramses, the Pharoah, believes himself to be a god. But he's outmatched when he goes up against THE God. Also, running in a straight line is a better strategy when someone has parted a sea than it is when you're trying to get out of the way of a rolling spaceship.

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