What Books Are You Reading?

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Tell us about the books you've got in progress, the ones you just wrapped up, and the ones that you can't wait to start next — and what books we should think about picking up, too!


We want to know where you are on your reading lists, and what you thought of what you've read. So drop your lists, reviews, and any recommendation requests you have into the comments now!

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I have been trying to read more sci-fi/fantasy and was looking for advice. In the past couple of months I have read:

Old Man's War Series (Loved the first 3, Zoe's Tale was okay, she was too sarcastic, and I didn't like Human Division)

The first 2 Dresden File books (Butcher makes Dresden a bit too "cool," IMO)

Starship Troopers

Do Android's Dream of Electronic Sleep?


The new Star Wars books (terrible)


Couldn't get into Wheel of Time or Dune.

A ton of non-fiction books on religion, myth, and Palestine.

Any series recommendations, or am I too "all over the place"?