James McAvoy Will Star In X-Men: Apocalypse, But His Hair Might Not

Illustration for article titled James McAvoy Will Star In emX-Men: Apocalypse/em, But His Hair Might Not

Actor James McAvoy, who plays Charles Xavier/Professor X in the nu-X-Men movie franchise, told HuffPo that the only thing he knows about his character in the upcoming, 1980s-set sequel Apocalypse that he believes he's "losing my hair finally." So check that off the list of cinematic X-universe discrepancies.


I wonder how he'll lose it. Will he just show up and be bald? Will it be because of regular old aging, or because his telepathic powers are so strong they push the hair out of his head? Will it be cause of some sort of lab accident with Superboy causing him to vow vengeance against the Man of Steel? I have to admit, that last one would be quite the twist.

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I wondered when they were gonna get to this. Sir Patrick "Make it so" Stewart seems to have been born without hair. Look at him in Dune. That man ages very slowly. Are we sure he is not Logan?