Father And Son Forget A Key Part Of Their Yearly Offering To A Dark God

A man drives with his father to make their yearly sacrifice to some malevolent power. Fruit? Check. Animal bones? Check. But when they realize they've forgotten the most important component of their offering, they have to change their plans.


Directed by Ryan Patch, The Offering is a tense film that is less about shocks than it is about the quiet way the story unfolds, through a look between the characters, the sparse dialogue, and, of course, the more supernatural elements of the tale. And while Patch told Short of the Week that it's not meant as a direct adaptation, he does note that the short was inspired by a certain Biblical story.

[via Short of the Week]

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At "forgot the meat" I told the youngster, "sorry 'bout that, Isaac."

Then the dad called him 'Isaac' out loud. Did he? Or was I still projecting that?Rewind 45 seconds. Yep, he sure did.

NOW I'm paying attention!!! . . . to what? What a weak ending. And what a turd of a dad. There's not a single father in the world that would not get out and face that monster by himself so that his child has a chance to get away safe. Or else they don't deserve the title "Dad".

I'm wondering what our Jewish friends are thinking of this.