China's Answer To DARPA's BigDog Looks Awfully Familiar

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The arms race to develop hideous-looking dog-like robots is now officially underway. This quadrupedal "bionic mobile platform" was recently showcased at the 2014 Beijing International Emergency Rescue Expo. Hmm, now where have we seen this before....


Looks like the Chinese government has been paying attention to Boston Dynamics' YouTube channel. Edwin Kee from Ubergizmo describes this BigDog knock-off like this:

Hailed as a "mountain four-legged moving robot", this was specially built to traverse across rocky terrains, having footing that is as sure as a mountain goat. It is also said to have been tested successfully under situations where roads have already been destroyed, regardless of whether it is in a wartime situation or at a disaster scene such as an earthquake or landslide.

This robot will tip the scales at 130 kg, and it has the ability to tote up to 50 kg of supplies and items, not to mention being able to amble along at a top speed of 3mph as it navigates through slopes of up to 30 degrees.


Yay, just what the world needs — another global superpower working on semi-autonomous military-grade robots.

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Notice other countries only copy American stuff that works. Nobody is trying to copy the anti-ballistic missile system.