This Animated Film Is a Surreal CG Homage to Studio Ghibli

It may not employ an anime style, but Wand's Wander, the tale of a young wizard who loses his wand, feels very much inspired by the films of Studio Ghibli. Blending 2D art and CG animation, it's filled with strange creatures, grandly surreal moments, and a good amount of silliness.


Gobelins L'École de L'Image just released eight stunning short films on Vimeo, and it's worth checking them all out. Wand's Wander was directed by Nadya Mira and realized with the aid of numerous talented artists. Hopefully, we will be seeing much, much more from these folks as well as the other Gobelins students.


[via Gobelins on Vimeo]

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John Hazard

Simple, stylish, and fun. Very nice.