In This Webcomic, A Human Social Worker Must Help His Monster Clients

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Wallace is a human social worker who has always lived among humans in the District A of the segregated country of Fairway. But when he is banished to the monster-filled District C, Wallace finds that monsters aren't just his neighbors; they're also his clients.


Taylor C.'s webcomic Monsterkind opens in an idyllic-looking neighborhood where Wallace is just moving into his new apartment building. Wallace was, for reasons that may not be entirely clear even to him, shipped off to District C with little understanding of monsters and the challenges that they face. While many of the monsters Wallace encounters are more Sesame Street than Universal Monsters, monsters have been treated as second-class citizens. And even in District C, where they mingle among humans, they still need to fight for equal rights—and still need to worry about violence erupting in their midst.

Wallace isn't the only who needs to make an adjustment. Wallace is the first human to move into his particular building, and while some of the monsters find him an intriguing curiosity, others are initially nervous about his presence. This isn't just Wallace's story; it's also the story of Kip, a young monster who has become something of a neighborhood activist, blogging about the monster struggle. While he's warm(ish) toward his friends, Kip can be standoffish with new people, and he's especially suspicious of humans. Plus, Kip has his own troubles to deal with.

As well meaning as Wallace is, District C isn't really Sesame Street and his clients aren't as cuddly as his friendlier neighbors. As Wallace starts making house calls, Taylor C. starts to peel back the curtain on her world and the horrors that some of the monsters have been subjected to. It will take more than an open mind and a bright attitude to truly serve the people of District C, and Wallace will find that anyone—whether monster or human—could prove dangerous.




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