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Show Us What Projects You're Working On!

Illustration for article titled Show Us What Projects Youre Working On!

What have you been working on lately? Building a robot? Putting together a gallery of microscopic images from your lab? Stitching together a 3D panorama from Hubble stills? Whatever it is, get it all together, because it's io9 show-and-tell time!


Image: Commenter zheng3, from our last run of show-and-tell, showing us this incredibly detailed 3D-printed suit of armor that they've been working on, complete with spurs and a custom coat of arms.

Tell us about the project that you've been putting together — whether it's a scientific project, an art project, a craft, or something else — in the comments, along with any details about the process you went through to make it. Both completed and in-progress projects are welcome. And don't forget to include a picture (or a few) so that we can all ooh and aah over what you've all been making.

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I posted a couple of these recently, but what the heck.

I'm considering concentrating on making budget-priced book covers for indie authors of e-books.

These are all fake books, made as samples.