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Check Out An Exclusive Clip From The Hit Anime Movie Patema Inverted

Patema has a problem. Like her people, the princess lives deep in the caverns of the earth, but she accidentally fell into a deep pit... a pit that led to the surface world, where she discovered a race of people for whom gravity is reversed. Which means now she's in danger of falling off the planet entirely!


Based on the 2o12 OVA series, Patema Inverted is a full-length movie in the Ghibli tradition, as the young princess Patema meets a young surface-dweller named Eiji who helps her venture out into this strange new world in our exclusive clip. The film will begin a limited U.S. release in New York City's IFC Center on Friday, August 29th; you can check out the film's Facebook page here for more upcoming release dates and locations.

Here's the full trailer if you'd like to see more!

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one of my irrational fears is gravity inverting. That clip practically gave me a panic attack