Expendables 3 Is Your Ultimate Cure For Frozen Overload

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Two years ago, io9's own Garrison Dean proved that Expendables 2 was the most important movie of summer 2012. (Yes, more important than Avengers.) Because America. And explosions. Now Dean is back, with a trailer that shows how Expendables 3 will help balance out the lingering sweetness of your Frozen addiction.


Here it is, Expendables 3: Fire & Ice Trailer. Because even after watching Frozen 1000 times, we still sometimes want to see a dozen sweaty dudes shooting at each other and random objects.

And yes, that is Garrison Dean singing "Love is an Open Door" (with a lot of love) at the start of the video.

Love is an Open War. Ha ha ha ha ha.



I can't wait for this. My appetite for dumb, splodey movies will be satiated—especially with Mel, Dolph, and Harrison all on the screen together. Bliss.