Insane Star Wars Rumor Du Jour: Wrestler To Play Vader in Ep. VII

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The Irish Mirror newspaper has reported that WWE wrestler Sheamus will be playing Darth Vader in Episode VII.

As evidence, the Mirror notes that Sheamus is currently in Ireland, where the movie is being shot. Additionally, Sheamus has actually worn the Vader costume before, for "various Star Wars promotional tours."

The Mirror seems to have conveniently forgotten: 1) Sheamus is Irish, meaning he has several other reasons for visiting the country other than secretly appearing in a Star Wars movie, and 2) Darth Vader is @$%ing dead. The movie being made is Episode VII. It's set 30 years after the movie where Vader bought it. The Dark Lord of the Sith's presence is not required.


Hey, maybe the Mirror is right, and maybe this really is happening. Maybe Vader will be a Force ghost in the movie, or maybe he's in a flashback, or maybe even someone clones him or something equally ridiculous. But until we get something more substantial than an Irishman visiting Ireland, maybe we can hold off on this particular rumor, okay?

[Sescoops via Jedi News]

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