We Know The Team's New Identities On Person Of Interest

Here's the sneak peek of season 4 that was shown ahead of the Person of Interest panel at Comic-Con yesterday. Finch and Reese's new alter egos are relatively pedestrian, but Root and Shaw's prove that the Machine has a sense of humor.


At the panel, the theme of season 4 was said to be the "war." Said executive producer Greg Plageman:

This season is about war. It's a battle between two artificial intelligences. The first three seasons of the show dealt with Orwellian surveillance systems, now it's a given. The only thing that's different now is there's another machine in charge. And I think all of our guys find themselves severely challenged in terms of communicating and organizing.


The first time the panel was asked if Samaritan would get a voice, there was silence, which pretty much seemed like a confirmation. Pressed for an answer about whether or not the AIs would get voices, Jonathan Nolan responded, "We're working on the voice thing. But you may not like where it goes."

In terms of next season, Plageman said that all technology, such as drones, was on the table. We also heard that they'd like to find a way to bring back Zoe Morgan.

Michael Emmerson had this to say about bringing back Grace Hendricks (played by his real-life wife Carrie Preston):

I like working with my spouse on the show, although it's strange and its an added layer of acting difficulty to try to erase her spouseness and then have her be the character at the same time. But I love the flashback stuff. It's the only role I've ever played where I have a romantic life. So I wouldn't mind continuing in that vein a little bit. In a way, it's a shame that the only woman I've ever kissed on camera is my married wife.

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Another highlight was Sarah Shahi explaining that she's pitched shaving her head on camera a bunch of times. Nolan said that they get texts of pictures of people with a shaved head from Shahi, and she responded that she gets back pictures of Kerri Russell's famous hair cut from Felicity. She went on to explain what she would love to do with Shaw:

I would make her dark, and fucked up and really damaged. And have her have a shaved head and a robotic arm. The sky's the limit. It would probably make no sense and no one would watch it.


The best part of the panel was during the audience Q&A, when an 11-year-old-girl asked Jim Caviezel if he liked doing this show or Passion of the Christ more. "This one is a little bit more fun, by this much," he held up his fingers in a pinch, "because we get to shoot guns." He then asked the fan's age, and he responded, "You're the same age as my daughter. You're beautiful." He then, in a move that probably panicked security a bit, leapt over the table to give the girl a hug.

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