A Short Comic About The World's Most Disgusting Mutant Power

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Sally doesn't quite fit in at Miss Xandy's School for Mutant Ladies. While the other girls can fly or possess superstrength, Sally is a fecal kinetic, meaning that she can control poop.

Megan Rose Gedris, also known as Rosalarian, has contributed this wonderful bit of webcomics goofiness to the Internet—check out the whole thing on Tumblr. Clearly, there are some mutant abilities that the X-Men don't advertise in their brochure.

Gedris is also the creator of numerous long-form webcomics, including YU+ME: dream, I Was Kidnapped By Lesbian Pirates From Outer Space, and Meaty Yogurt.


My friend called me a "fecal wizard" [Rosalarian]

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I think Starfox is more disgusting (and far more creepier) because his super power is essentially rape.

Why does this person exist? Why make his brother Thanos? Did they forget Avengers 200!?