GRRM Tells People Who Think He Won't Finish The Books "F*ck You"

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Apparently George R.R. Martin is quite, quite tired of people worrying that he will never finish his fantasy magnum opus A Song of Ice and Fire. But can you really blame him?


In a recent interview, the Swiss newspaper Tagesanzeiger asked 65-year-old Martin about the people who worry he's going to die before he finishes the final book in the best-selling fantasy series. He responded: "I find that question pretty offensive, people speculating about my death and my health. So fuck you to those people." He also made the gesture you see in the screenshot above for a bit of emphasis.

You know, if I were asked this question every day for the last three years, as GRRM almost assuredly has, I'd be pretty pissed-off too. I mean, people aren't worried for him, they're worried about him because they're concerned about not getting to read the end of their books. It's pure selfishness, which is also built on the predication that Martin has one foot in the grave. That can't feel good to deal with each day.


You know, if we keep this up, we could piss off George so much he just stops writing. Or starts eating a dozen cheeseburgers a day, just to spite us all. Think about how awful he's been to his characters while we was enjoying writing the series. You think he'll be any nicer when Game of Thrones turns sour for him? I'm betting Jon Snow loses his mind and drags all the series' female characters north of the Wall to start up Craster's Keep 2.0. At a minimum.

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Jane, you ignorant slut.

As a long time book fan, I resigned myself years ago to the idea that I am going to get HBO's version of an ending rather than Martin's. So he can tell me to go fuck myself all he wants. But I'm not buying another book of his until The Winds of Winter comes out, and maybe not even then, since I will probably have HBO'S ending by that point. The books are entertaining but not THAT good. Some things aren't worth waiting for and being lectured at about how I am not a grateful enough fan.