Dumbo Is Getting A Live-Action Remake

Illustration for article titled emDumbo/em Is Getting A Live-Action Remake

Just think of the emotional pain and damage the mother scene is going to inflict on the new masses of children who will line up to see this!

THR just broke the news that Transformers writer Ehren Kruger will pen a live-action Dumbo remake and Oblivion producer Justin Springer will produce. For those of you who haven't seen this, get thee to the internet; it's great. Dumbo is about a circus elephant born with gigantic ears who becomes super famous because of said ears (but only after much ridicule). Not sure if this remake is a good idea. The captivity of elephants in traveling circus shows is already a point of contention for many people. Plus, there's the whole crow thing... let's just leave those guys out, OK?

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I really hope they make it "gritty". Murderous elephant mothers, clowns on fire, a collapsing circus tent... The Pink Elephants on Parade song alone has endless possibilities.