Much hue and cry has been raised over the rumor that Vin Diesel future-world flick Babylon A.D. would have a 160-minute European version, but only a 90-minute U.S. version. Now the producers have taken the time to quash this rumor in the most believable way possible, by posting on MySpace. Here's what they said: "Babylon AD has never had a 2h40min cut. This rumor came from a joke Mathieu [Kassovitz] did in front of some journalists last September. Apparently some of them didn't understand it. ... The approximate length of the film is 1h40min, and this is what has been delivered to our partner, FOX. So I can reassure you, FOX is not chopping up the film and cutting 70 [minutes], like I read on Rotten Tomatoes! :-)" Yup, sounds true. Especially with that smiley icon at the end. [SciFi Wire]