How Much of Thanos Will We See In Guardians of the Galaxy?

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Have we only seen one of two Batsuits in Batman v. Superman? An old Doctor Strange casting theory is resurrected. And George R.R. Martin once again proposes a solution to Game of Thrones' problem of running out of books to adapt. Check out set video from Ridley Scott's Halo. Spoilers now!


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Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice

The latest costume rumor has it that Batman will have two Batsuits in the film: 1) the one we've seen already, which appears to be based on Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns and 2) a more armored one, as seen in Dark Knight Returns and Kingdom Come comics. [Moviepilot]


The Spanish site elmulticine has a rumor that Emily Blunt might appear in Batman v. Superman in an as-yet-undetermined role. [Galactic News One]

And finally, the very last rumor is that Commissioner Jim Gordon will appear in the film. With Batman being a seasoned crime fighter, it makes some sense that everything else we'd expect to see in Gotham would be there. Again, all of these things are just rumors with nothing substantiating them, so grains of salt all around. [Batman in Film]

Guardians of the Galaxy

Sounds as though Thanos is going to be a presence throughout this film. Vulture reports that Thanos shows up in the first act of Guardians of the Galaxy and communicates via hologram all through the film. He shows up in person, to meet with Ronan the Accuser (Lee Pace) and Nebula (Karen Gillan). And he's referenced by other characters, with appropriate fear, throughout the film.


As for the Infinity Gauntlet and the Infinity Stones, the movie reveals the Power Stone. We know from the Thor 2 tag scene that the Collector has one, and it could be that the Tesseract from Avengers/Captain America and Loki's scepter from Avengers are two more. That gets us to four Infinity Stones. [Vulture]

Doctor Strange

The rumor that Jared Leto's being considered to play Doctor Stephen Strange has re-emerged, now that the film has a director. Whether it's still a possibility or if the studio had put his name in the mix right after Leto's Oscar win remains unknown. [Badass Digest, via First Showing]


Insurgent/Allegiant Parts 1 and 2

Naomi Watts has signed on to play Evelyn, the leader of the Factionless, in all three of the remaining Divergent films. [The Hollywood Reporter]



The Ridley Scott-produced project, which purportedly was written by Prison Break creator Paul Scheuring and stars Mike Colter (The Good Wife), has been filming in Belfast. Below is some video of the crew filming in the Titanic Quarter of the city. [The Belfast Telegraph]

Game of Thrones

George R.R. Martin is on board with most of the changes the show has made to the story this season, although he misses the stuff that's been removed:

It's been a great season. Though by and large we are seeing more differences from the books and I've been predicting that from the beginning. There's a certain snowball effect of making changes and I think that will continue.


He also believes that the show will not be able to follow the producers' seven-season plan, given how much of the story is left to tell. And to deal with the fact that the show may run out of published material to adapt, Martin advocates capping the series with staggered feature films. This would give him more time and give the big final set pieces a larger budget. Of course, HBO sees itself as primarily a TV company and is on record as not endorsing this option. and Martin himself believes this is unlikely, because movies based on The Sopranos and Deadwood have never materialized.

And finally, Martin's still being firm-but-hedging about whether the series will be finished after book seven:

My plan is to finish in seven. But my original plan was to finish in three. I write the stories and they grow. I deal with certain things and sometimes I find myself not at the end of a story. My plan right now is still seven. But first I have to finish Book Six. Get back to me when I'm half-way through Book Seven and then maybe I'll tell you something more meaningful.


[Entertainment Weekly]

Go here fore more photos from episode 4.09, "The Watchers on the Wall." [SpoilerTV]

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Doctor Who

Director Rachel Talalay, who will be directing two upcoming episodes, took to Twitter to inform people that she's actually directing the two-part finale. The account and tweet both disappeared soon after, but it has been confirmed to be true. [Unreality Primetime]


And rumor has it that Christopher Fairbank (Auf Weidersehen Pet, Merlin, Pirates Of The Caribbean 4, and The Fifth Element) will make an appearance in season 8. [Den of Geek]

Agents of SHIELD

In an interview with Collider, Clark Gregg gave this description of season two of Agents of SHIELD:

It's gonna be lo-fi. You're going back to basics. You've got to rebuild SHIELD from the ground up in a much more dangerous world, where your group is outlawed. So it feels like the early Sean Connery James Bond with brass knuckles and not afraid to knock somebody off.



The Flash

While the premiere will hint that Barry's trip to Starling City and meeting with Felicity did leave an impression on him, that relationship will take an immediate back seat to Barry's complicated feelings for Iris West, the police detective's daughter he grew up with. [TV Line]


Once Upon a Time

When the show comes back, Rumpelstiltskin will continue to hide the real dagger from Belle and will reveal that he has a "complicated" history with Frozen's Elsa. [TV Line]



Brian Van Holt has joined the cast of Syfy's Ascension as Captain William Denninger, the captain of an Earth spaceship launched in secret in 1963. Denninger is described as "a natural leader, a military man and politician … strong-willed and confident." He also has a tortured relationship with his wife Viondra (Tricia Helfer). [Entertainment Weekly]


The 100

Here's Lindsey Morgan talking about the show's season finale:

I can't tell you that much because I just saw the screening of it and oh my gosh, it was so good, I don't want to ruin anything. One: it is epic. It literally feels like you are watching a movie. I was like, "Am I watching Lord of the Rings here or Game of Thrones?" This is insane. It's beautiful and so cinematic, which is awesome.

Two: it blows the entire season out of the water. If you thought the season was good the finale is just going to blow up your brain basically.

Number three: as far as plot goes, I feel like in the finale we see every character fighting for their survival. Tthe whole season they have been fighting for their survival, but especially in the finale. Everyone is fighting and dealing with their own journey of survival in their own way. Maybe physically, and maybe battling others, or the elements or each other, or themselves, but everyone is dealing with how am I going to make it through today, alive?


[TV Equals]

Ricky Whittle echoed her feelings, telling TV Line:

There are all those billboards you see for Game of Thrones that say "Winter is coming." Well, I'm going to switch it up for The 100 and say "War is coming." It's going to be epic, the finale of all finales, and I'm so proud of it. From the actors to the lighting to the way it's shot to the directing, you feel like you're watching a movie — like Braveheart or Gladiator or something. If I hadn't been watching it with other people, I would have teared up a little. And if you thought the season has been dark so far, the finale takes it to a whole new level.

And how does Lincoln fit into that darkness?

Well, the last time we left him, he was a little bit heartbroken. He understands that Octavia needs to be with her people, which just emphasizes the journey she's been on. She started as a bratty teen who hated authority, and now we see she's willing to give up running away with Lincoln to be with her people. She has several different layers and complexities. And Lincoln is the same.


[TV Line]

Penny Dreadful

Go here for more photos from episode 1.09, "Possession." [SpoilerTV]

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Here's a new poster for the CW show. [Coming Soon]

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Here are the titles for episodes 2.03-2.06:

Episode 2.03 - The Cord And The Ax (Airs: 3rd July 2014)

Episode 2.04 - Beasts Of Burden (Airs: 10th July 2014)

Episode 2.05 - Put The Damage On (Airs: 17th July 2014)

Episode 2.06 - This Woman's Work (Airs: 24th July 2014)


Additional reporting by Charlie Jane Anders and Madeleine Monson-Rosen


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