Nocturnal Transmissions: What'll Get You to Try Any Piece of Fiction?

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This is the opposite of Tuesday's pet peeves: What's the thing that gets you so excited, you'll try out anything with it, no matter what the reviews say?

This is the thing that drives rushed sequels or novelizations. It's what drove me as a child to read, in chronological order, all the Star Wars novels. Part of it was Star Wars and part of it was my completionist drive to read it all in in-universe chronology. No matter what I was told, I didn't skip a single one. So what is it for you?

This is Nocturnal Transmissions, your nightly open thread.

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I am also pretty obsessed with being a completionist, but I've managed to get away from it more as I got older. And actually saved myself a lot of grief with a new rule: I don't start any series unless it's finished or the author is dead. The only exception is when somebody doesn't tell me a book is the first in a series and I read it before I know.

But generally, I'm a bit of a sucker for certain kinds of love stories. I can't put my finger on how to explain it, but if the reviews or friend's comments tell me there's a love story I can get behind, they could also tell me it's written by a third grader in crayon on a napkin and I'll try it.