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Descendants Has Cast a Lot of Comedy Veterans as Classic Villains

Illustration for article titled emDescendants/em Has Cast a Lot of Comedy Veterans as Classic Villains

The Disney Channel's misguided live-action TV movie about the offspring of Disney's most famous animated films has just added a lot of people with comedy backgrounds to its cast. Think Once Upon a Time meets High School Musical.


According to TV Line, Kathy Najimy (currently on Veep) will play the Evil Queen of Snow White fame. Wendy Raquel Robinson (The Game) will play Cruella de Vil. Maz Jobrani (Better Off Ted) will be Jafar. Also cast, but on the side of good, is Melanie Paxson (American Dad) as the Fairy Godmother. They join the already-cast Kristin Chenoweth as Maleficent.

The real, continuing outrage of this project are the names of the villains' children: Maleficent's child Mal, the Evil Queen's Evie (GET IT?), Cruella's son Carlos, and Jafar's kid Jay. Either these villains are super-affected by the name-letter effect or that's just awful writing. It might be the former, since the Fairy Godmother's daughter is just named "Jane."


TV Line

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Katharine Trendacosta

I have faith that we can come up with better names for these children.