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Villains of Amazing Spider-Man 2: "This is OUR Origin Story!"

One thing The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has going for it is villains. It's got heaps and heaps of villains. So many villains. And we spoke exclusively to both Electro and the Green Goblin on why this movie is really all about them.


io9: My first question is for Jamie. Was there ever any chance that you were going to wear the original mask with the lightning bolts? Did you even attempt to screen test it?

Jamie Foxx: They talked about what we would look like. But if you think about this movie, if I were to name it, I would call The Amazing Spider-Man 2, "Villains Origins." Because we're not villains. At the beginning of the movie we're just Max and Harry. So there is no suit to be discovered at this time. He simple tells me, "you need to put some clothes on." So I grab a suit from one of the guys that we knocked out and put it on. The blue sort of looks like the Ultimate version of the comic book. This is the beginning of us being villains. If we were to come back as maybe the Sinister Six, maybe you see him discover his costume, maybe that's when things pop up.


It probably wouldn't have fit. You're kind of a badass and that's kind of a strange mask.

Jamie Foxx: But you never know — there may be a way to execute something like that. [nodding]

Was there a particular nod to the comic costumes that you were really fond of in the movie?

Dane Dehaan: In terms of the Goblin, there's lot of things that we did to honor what he has always looked like. It's a similar thing — the Goblin traditionally wore booty shorts and a tank top, and that just wouldn't translate. But he also wore that purple hood, and that's like my hair; it kind of crowns in the front, swoops in the back to pay homage to the hood. And then I have the technology on my ears to point my ears. To give me the same shape, classic iconic shapes that the Green Goblin has always had, but brings him into modern day and gives him a rooted, organic feel that's part of the world that Marc has created.


How much did they tell you about the Sinister Six when you first started talking about this movie?

Dane Dehaan: No, none of that was never… I mean, they still don't really talk to me about it that much, to be honest. But I think what's become evident in this movie is that people are really starting to respond to the villains. People are leaving the movie and it's not just all about Spider-Man. People are Team Electro, people are part of the Osborn Army. It's becoming this really interesting dynamic of fans that are rooting for the good guys or the bad guys, not just for the hero. That's what's exciting and that's what they're hoping to expand.


One thing that I didn't see coming was [Electro's] score — that inner monologue set to music. Did you know know about that going in? And [Dane,] are you jealous that you didn't get one?

Jamie Foxx: I didn't know going in, but I knew Pharrell Williams, who is my man, and Hans Zimmer I respect and love these guys talent. They said we're really going to do some interesting things. I was blown over when I heard that. It's so right. It was so right for the character.


You're not jealous?

Dane DeHaan: I think the Electro song is really cool. And I think should we go on to see the Goblin more, because this is just the beginning of the Goblin. We barely see him. I think that there could be some pretty badass theme music coming in the future.


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