​What Are The Most Annoying Technological Innovations?

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There's new tech that's used for good, tech that can seem a little sinister, and then there's tech that's just, well, kind of annoying. I'm speaking of the car alarm that goes off in the night, or the little woosh sound that tells you that someone in the room just got an email.

Tell us about the technological innovations that grate upon your nerves (and what it is about it that jars you so) in the comments now.

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Texting. It drives me completely batty at times. To relay a little bit of info is one thing, but having long detailed conversations via text is asinine. People that sit buried in their phones being oblivious of their surrounding because of a text conversation bugs the crap out of me.

I text. It is useful at times. But the instant nature of texts, as well as the "Why are you not responding to me RIGHT NOW?" behaviour is insulting to people that try to have a physical interaction with another person.