Calculator Reveals All How Much Of Your Life You've Given To TV

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Thanks to the website, you can now add up every single hour of your life you've sacrificed to the all-powerful television. Just type in the name of the series, and let the website do the adding — it's horrifying. Feel free to share your numbers in the comments.


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James Ryan

Major Caveats:

This assumes that you watched every episode produced in a series that you enter, and further, that while you can limit the number of seasons (there's no way a Yank can claim to have seen all 27 seasons of DOCTOR WHO; thanks, BBC librarians...) that you have therefore watched every episode in a season, which means if you gave up on a show you get the whole thing.

And it doesn't have as many options as it should to do an accurate count; it seems that if it can't find a logo pic to display, it didn't exist. Try using THAT argument at the Paley Center...

Also, doesn't take into account non-entertainment shows, which means it's going to miss all the hours I spent on the evening news and football...

Needs a LOT of tinkering to get a precise number, sorry.