The Rare Book That Started the Scientific Racism Craze

In 1839, Samuel George Morton published a richly-illustrated book called Crania Americana. It influenced everyone from Darwin to the Abolitionists. And it was about how the skulls of different races made some superior and some inferior. This short film details its sordid and bizarre history.

From Cambridge University, which created this video:

Crania Americana, published in Philadelphia in 1839 by Samuel George Morton, is being studied by Cambridge University PhD student James Poskett at the Department of History and Philosophy of Science.

His research has uncovered, for the first time, just how influential this book was in scientific circles that included the likes of Charles Darwin and James Cowles Prichard.


Learn more about Poskett's research on his website.

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Wasn't there a book or study back in the late 80s or 90s that got some professor in hot water over this same issue? I think it was a paper or book that divided up test scores and IQs by race. Anyone remember that?