Steve Rogers' List Of Things He Doesn't Understand In Captain America 2

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When you wake up after 70 years on ice, you miss a few major historical and cultural events. This shot from the opening of Captain America: The Winter Soldier peeks into Steve Rogers' notebook, tracking the things he needs to research and remember after his time asleep.

reddit user LargeMaleDogOrHorse snagged this screenshot from the opening scene of the new Captain America movie, and it highlights the tragicomical nature of Steve Rogers' current situation. However, a night spent eating thai food and drinking pisco while watching Star Wars sounds like a pretty good time; I bet Tony Stark has the original editions in his movie library. (Edit: It has been pointed out that it reads "Disco" not "Pisco." I stand by my statement.)

From Captain America: The Winter Soldier- Cap's to-do list. [reddit via GeekTyrant]

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I believe that's "Disco" not "Pisco." Pisco existed in the 1940s. Disco music, on the other hand, was probably confusing as all get out to Mr. Rogers.