Behold the Scough, the miraculous germ filtering scarf

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Tired of the disgusting masses hacking their lung butter all over your face? Sick of inhaling poisonous chemicals during your daily commute? Then you need the Scough — part scarf, part medical filter mask. Now you can say "away germs" discreetly, while maintaining your keen fashion sense.

First, check out this video collection of the Scough beakdown. This isn't merely a scarf you drape across your face. NO. The mask is build INTO the scarf, including little ear loops to keep the whole thing from slipping down.


Here's the official lowdown from their website.

If you love people but not their germs or pollution, Scough is for you. Scough is made by hypochondriacs for style conscious germaphobes. We designed it from the same materials the Ministry of Defense uses for chemical warfare—it's not "made by a 3rd grade teacher." It's for people who want to look great but are serious about avoiding the flu every time some jerk doesn't cover his mouth on an airplane, subway or in your office.

Scough creates a mini-microclimate of freshened air that's not just a barrier to a harsh germ and pollution-filled world, but is shown to adsorb and kill viruses and pollution before you breathe it...

The Scough uses an activated carbon filter impregnated with silver for maximum funk killing power. There is real science, done by serious lab coat wearing folks, who created this technology for modern warfare. We just were clever enough to make it look nice, be soft and adapt it to your daily grind.

Honestly, this is just the best thing. I am 100% buying one today because I am DONE with being coughed upon whilst riding on the train. Plus, it's cute. Well done Scough.

[via Laughing Squid]


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I already have a hello kitty shaped face mask, what else do I need to be fashion forward?