The Ending of Portal 2 Dramatically Rendered as LEGO Bookends

Illustration for article titled The Ending of emPortal 2/em Dramatically Rendered as LEGO Bookends

This LEGO creation doesn't just give us plastic brick versions of Chell, Wheatley, and the Space Core; it also captures Portal 2's final confrontation—all while keeping your books in place. Portal 2 spoilers within.


Builder Lego Junkie came up with this playful scene, which shows Chell hanging onto Wheatley's head (which is attached to GLaDOS' body) after traveling through a portal to the moon. Space Core is just along for the ride, enjoying the fulfillment of its lifelong ambition. Spaaaaaaaace.

Lego Junkie says that there is no photo manipulation involved; Chell really is hanging on upside down by a single peg. You can see more views of the bookends on Flickr.


Iron Builder 2014. Lego Junkie Vs. Gicelio. [Lego Junkie on Flickr via Super Punch]

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And now I have the Space Core's ranting voice stuck on a loop in my head. Thank you io9 for ruining a nights sleep with: SpaceSpaceImInSpaceSpaceMissionToSpaceSPPAAAAACCEEE!