LEGO, Forensic Science Kits and robots dominated this years annual Toy Fair. The toys of tomorrow are slowly starting to get more and more "DIY," and that's great — especially when that means making a piano out of a bunch of a bananas. Creativity and ingenuity took a front seat at this years Toy Fair, and here the best things we saw.

Think Geek's FPS Laser Tag Hoodie (which don't have to be attached to the hoodie — but you look cooler when it's on).

Also from Think Geek, the 3D doodler. Think of it as a very poor man's Maker Bot.

Speaking of MakerBot, they were there cranking out their own toys and making me feel like I'm living in the future and everything is shiny, wonderful and new. Seriously it's amazing to imagine what the future of toys will bring, when people are allowed to just build whatever the hell they want.

Behold the Banana Piano, made by Makey Makey.

They can turn anything that can conduct a current into a piano. Even dogs. So you can have your own dog piano.

EZ robot was far away our favorite because it reminded us of a robot skeleton, sans Terminator skin. Also it can be almost anything you can dream up, so that is also pretty fantastic.

The next big trend was forensic science kits. We assume Law & Order SVU, Bones, CSI and all the other crime TV shows are to blame for this. These toys were all at the Elenco booth.

The Geodes kit also had our attention because pretty.

Star Trek Dog Bed.

Festivus poll via NECA.

Labbits via Diamond Select Toys.

Attack on Titan also via Diamond Select Toys.

Glass Hall of Presidents via Royal Bobbles.

Giant Microbes celebrates all the tiny things inside our bodies that make us sick. It's actually an incredibly inventive toy line that can be also used as teaching aides when trying to explain things like cancer cells, and what your blood looks like. But the Leprosy Plushie was by far and away my favorite. It won Toy Fair for me — it's just so happy!

MRSA Plushie!

And then a HAND WASHING KIT/TOY/WHATEVER — this is amazing and I love the people behind this. We applaud any toy that promotes the cleansing of filthy children. Have you seen a human child's hand recently?

Mermaid Fins! From Mahina MerFins!

Firefly via Funko and Super7′s Kenner-style Action figures.

And here's what they will look like in the packaging:






Escape from New York



How to Train Your Dragon


Guardians of the Galaxy:


My Little Pony

Roger Rabbit


Game of Thrones

Walking Dead

Wall o' Who

Borg Cube Keychain via Underground Toys.

"Here's My Crotch!" Divergent Workout Outfit via NECA. (This was included as a "worst" — because it's so bad it's good)

Titan Series Doctor Who Vinyl.

Mal Maquette via Qmx

Game of Thrones Crown via Factory Entertainment.

I Heart Guts Plushies

Archer Towel and Ocelot (Babou) via Factory Entertainment.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Figures via NECA.

Alien Figures via NECA.


Full disclosure — I'm not usually a huge LEGO fan. But hot damn, they KILLED it this year. This is probably due to the 4 different Princess Uni-Kitty variations. But there was also a ton of LEGO Movie sets, Star Wars kits, Ghostbusters and famous Simpson's House.


Taco Tuesdays guy in the back.

Good Cop.

Metal Beard's Sea Cow is pretty fantastic.

Cantina Set with Cantina Band.

X-Men Sentinel