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Forensic artist "reconstructs" face of Crystal Head skull vodka bottles

Illustration for article titled Forensic artist reconstructs face of Crystal Head skull vodka bottles

If the Crystal Head Vodka bottles were modeled on a real skull, what would the person have looked like when he or she was alive? A forensic artist has used facial reconstruction techniques to sculpt a face that could belong to the vodka bottle.


Nigel Cockerton, who received a Masters in Forensic and Medical Art from the University of Dundee, sculpted clay muscles, flesh, and eventually even hair to imagine the "living" person behind the glass skulls. You can see all of his process photos, including the finished face, at Crystal Head Vodka's Facebook page. One thing is certain: that is one happy vodka bottle.

CHV Presents: Forensic Facial Resconstruction [via Neatorama]

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So it's the guy from Star Trek V?