Want to see what kind of insane makeup Lee Pace will be donning as the big bad in Marvel's new Guardians of the Galaxy movie? Hasbro has revealed their Ronan the Accuser, along with a full lineup of GOTG characters!

First up, here is a look at the Peter Quill / Star-Lord action figure, who not only has an excellent set of double-barrel blasters, but also comes with his trusty Walkman. And when you push the button sometimes the Star-Lord will bust out some 80s tunes or actor Chris Pratt will spew out a few GOTG lines.

Next up is an automated GIANT-GUN-FIRING Rocket Raccoon. And don't believe what you hear that is NOT Bradley Cooper's voice. We didn't record any of the Rocket-isms but they were mostly made up of threats like "if you want him you're going to have to come through us." Rocket is totally and completely awesome (as you can see) his WHOLE BODY shakes when launching this gun, but he's still charge of it.

Now here's your first look at Lee Pace's character Ronan the Accuser (who comes in a two pack set with the Star-Lord). He's got blue skin and completely black eyes. Which means not a lot of Pace eyebrow action, but he's still going to be channeling a lot of that you're hot even dressed as a dickish elf king or an evil alien from the Kree race. Ronan is BAD NEWS. And we are so ready to see what this doohicky the Star Lord and Ronan are flanking is. It's probably important.

And here he is in LEGO form:

Next up a new look at a Nova Corps Officer. Looking sharp fellas.

On the left you have Drax (played by Dave Bautista) and Korath (played by Djimon Hounsou). Korath is also bad news alien who is not to be trifled with.

And finally Groot, Rocket Raccoon and a Sakaaran Trooper. Think of the Sakaaran as the foot soldiers for the baddies. Anytime the heroes have to fight a crap load of bad guys, they will most likely be made up of these fellas.

Sakaaran Trooper, and yes perhaps this means Planet Hulk will be getting a name drop somewhere in this movie. Or maybe more. We don't know yet!

Chris Pratt's detachable head:





Star-Lord Blasters, Star-Lord Mask and a (horrifying) Rocket Raccoon Mask.

Next up, their rides. First is a Nova Corps Starblaster.

Rocket's Warbird Blaster:

Star-Lord's Milano Spaceship

And just for funsies here's some more Christ Pratt lines (sorry about the vertical video):