There's still a way Firefly could come back to television

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As much as we would all absolutely love to see more episodes of Firefly, getting the gang back together is a tricky proposition. But former Firefly writer and producer Tim Minear says he wouldn't "foreclose the possibility" of more Firefly and has a proposal for another flight aboard Serenity.

Firefly creator Joss Whedon has said before that one of the reasons that he's not looking to bring back Firefly is that the main cast has moved on to other projects. In an interview with EW, Minear acknowledges that a major hurdle in making new Firefly episodes is that many of the folks who worked on the show are incredibly busy. However, he says that he doesn't view a Firefly reunion as an impossibility, especially with the rise of limited series television:

I'm completely talking off the top of my head, but there's a show that's been on for the last couple years that's reinvented the form in terms of the limited series. I'm trying to think of the name of that show — Oh yes! American Horror Story! It doesn't have to be 13 episodes. Look how Sherlock does it.


Of course, that would still mean coordinating the schedules all of those actors—not to mention that of Whedon himself. Last year, Whedon said that there's too much on his plate at the moment, but a few years down the line he would be open to giving Firefly another look. We're not holding out breath, but we think Minear's idea for a lower-commitment Firefly deserves at least some consideration.

'Firefly' producer: A limited series reboot could be great [EW via Whedonesque]

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This is me speaking as both a huge Firefly fan and a huge Whedonite. I never ever ever ever want to see another post about the possibility of this show returning. Ever.

Unless it's you know, actually returning. This makes me feel like an ex makes you feel when they're constantly flirting and hinting that they wanna maybe sometime get back together and you slowly realize it's all empty talk. I don't feel excited by this anymore. I just get a twinge of annoyance.

Alright, zipping up, I'm done pissing in the wind for now.