French design studio Kerozen has released a fantastically gross typeface inspired by human flesh – and all the wrinkles, hair, moles, pores and oil (and eyeballs?) that come with it.

Created JC Debroize, the seven-character typeface (dubbed "Human Type) draws its inspiration from the seven members of the Kerozen design team. (Notice above how the two "e"s are slightly different?) "I first made the letters in old-school 3-D with modeling clay," Debroize told Co.DESIGN in an interview. He continues:

We shot pictures of the letters and of the design team's faces. Then I made a mapping of skin textures on the letters with Photoshop and added the hair and the eyes. It was not a problem to show an unflattering image of us. We laughed a lot making this.

Glad they all got such a laugh out of this. Meanwhile the rest of us are over here crying fear-tears. Feeling traumatized? Help yourself to some typographical eye-bleach.

See more of Debroizen's work on his Bēhance page.