Vietnam gets flooded in the disaster epic Nuoc 2030

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Here's the stark image of Vietnam under water, in the new movie Nuoc 2030, which is getting its premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival. Check out the teaser trailer and poster below.

Here's the synopsis of Nuoc 2030, which sounds like one of the bleakest visions of near-future climate change we've seen in movies in quite some time:

It is the year 2030. Catastrophic climate change as a result of global warming means that most of the arable land in southern Vietnam is now below sea level. Most of the population has already been evacuated, but Sao and her husband Thi refuse to leave their land. They are living in a stilt house and subsisting on the dwindling fish population. On floating farms along the coast, major multinational corporations are working on a secret project to create vegetables, now a rare commodity.

When her husband is murdered, Sao gets a job at the floating farm where she suspects she may find his murderer. She discovers that the concern is making use of genetic engineering in its production and that the processes used pose a huge health risk. Does the chief scientist, who was once her lover, have anything to do with her husband's death? Her quest for the truth sucks her into a whirlpool of events that eventually see her faced with a dramatic decision.


Here's the teaser trailer, which doesn't really show much:

And here's the poster:

Illustration for article titled Vietnam gets flooded in the disaster epic emNuoc 2030/em

[via Twitch Film]

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It's funny to me that it takes seeing Vietnamese words for a few seconds for me to realize what the translation is. I learned it at a young age but only verbally so words that I've used for years have no visual connection for me.

I think the title means Water 2030?