Breaking Bad, Doctor Who, Star Wars, and more get remade as those sweet Little Golden Books, with smiling children's book illustrations and foil spines. Introduce kids to the wonders of chemistry and organized crime at an early age.

These are some of the pieces from the Little Golden Tales show currently at Gallery Nucleus in St. Alhambra, CA. Some of the works pa tribute to the actual characters and artwork found in the classic children's books, while others reimagine other (sometime inappropriate) works of pop culture in Golden Book form. Sadly, the Breaking Bad pieces by Maxime Mary don't take the form of a full mock Golden Book; I'd like to see that grinning desert tortoise in bright colors.

By Pakoto

By Sadie Figueroa

By Eren Blanquet Unten

By Israel Sanchez

By Loren

Little Golden Tales [Gallery Nucleus via Super Punch]