Fight Club minus Tyler Durden shows how deluded Norton's character was

We know that much of the dialogue from Fight Club takes place inside the mind of Ed Norton's character, but this video goes a long way to showing how a key scene in the movie would have played out without a physical Tyler Durden in the mix.


We do see Ed Norton's character beating himself up during Fight Club's big revelation scene, Richard Trammell's video, which take a Garfield Minus Garfield approach to the film, shows how much of the dialogue and color come from Tyler Durden's presence. Here we have a major scene in the film, and Norton barely says anything of note. He does, however, take a nice punch from his imagination

[via Blame it on the Voices]



There's a lot of hate for that movie now, but whenever it's on when I'm channel surfing, I have to stop and watch...