15 Other Ridiculous Ways We Could Meet New Batman Characters On Gotham

Poison Ivy as a plant-toting tot? The Riddler as a medical examiner? Gotham's taken some weird liberties with the Batman mythos in its new TV series, but there are plenty more villains as well as heroes Gotham has yet to give us! Here are our surmises for how Gotham will reimagine these 15 prominent Bat-characters.

1) The Scarecrow

When young Bruce seems to be unable to come out of his depression about his parents' murder, a concerned Alfred Pennyworth hires the best child psychologist in Gotham to talk with his young charge. That doctor is of course Jonathan Crane, famous for helping his young patients overcoming their fears. But Alfred will learn that sometimes the cure can be worse than the disease…


2) Clayface

Long before he injected himself with an experimental serum and gained the ability to change his appearance as if his body was made of clay, Basil Karlo was just an actor with big dreams and a bad habit of gambling more money than he had. In deep to the mob, Karlo is lucky enough to get the role of Jim Gordon in the made-for-TV movie adaptation of the Wayne murder case, which of course the general populace thinks was solved. But the mob may have other, more sinister ideas for how Karlo can pay them back… Oh, because mass audiences will likely not guess Basil Karlo is the future Clayface, the character will be renamed Basil Clay.

3) Zsasz

The serial killer known as Zsasz is best known for cutting a mark into his own body every time he murders somebody in order to keep track of his body count. He'll be exactly the same in Gotham, except he'll have like three marks on his body, not 80. Because he's just beginning, you see.


4) Harley Quinn

Dr. Harleen Qinzel is the newest psychiatrist hired by Arkham Asylum, a new, state-of the-art mental facility where patients are cared for adequately, there's no chance of escape, and nothing ever goes wrong. But Harleen is bored, and hopes to meet a real lunatic, perhaps one she can write a book about and make her career. Perhaps the newest inmate, Victor Zsasz, could be her ticket to fame…


5) Lucius Fox

The tech genius who will eventually run the Wayne Enterprises and be responsible for creating Batman's greatest gadgets, Fox has humble beginnings as a member of Gotham City PD's IT department. He's befriended by new detective Jim Gordon, who wonders why a guy this smart is wasting his time fixing computers instead of doing something with his immense talents. "I guess I'm just waiting for the right, super-rich noble benefactor to give me purpose," muses Fox.


6) Two-Face

Before he was the criminal known as Two-Face, before he was Gotham City Distict Attorney, Harvey Dent was a young A.D.A, desperate to rise to the top. Handsome and charming, Harvey isn't at all above bending the rules or going behind people's backs to get what he wants. Every time Detective Bullock meets Dent, Bullock will say, "Boy, you're one two-faced son of a bitch, aren't you Harv?" Every. Time.


7) Bane

Before he was Bane, Edmundo Bolivar was one of young Bruce Wayne's school-mates at the prestigious Gotha Academy. Captain of the wrestling team, "Bane" (as he's known to his loyal gang of fellow students) has the odd habit of wearing a luchadore mask during his matches. He has recently been suspended for using an illegal backbreaker move in his last match…


8) Mr. Freeze

The 23-year-old Victor Fries works at a local Tast-ee Freez shaved ice hut in one of the many bad parts of Gotham. It's a terrible job, but it offers him two benefits: 1) it gives him time to study for his post-graduate degree (with a specialty in cryonics!), and 2) the girl he has a crush on Nora, is a regular customer. If only she'd notice the adoring man handing her those blue raspberry sno-cones…


9) Egghead

Much like the Riddler has been reimagined as the GCPD's medical examiner, Egghead will be the bald, thin-mustached crime scene investigator who helps Gordon and Bullock finds clues during their regular case investigation. Much like Riddler speaks in riddles, Egghead tends to use big, overcomplicated words, earning him the nickname "Egghead" among Gotham's cops. Also his last name is Eggers now. And he keeps birds. Also he's often shown eating eggs a lot.


10) Black Mask

Roman Sionis is a businessman turned crime lord. He's new to Gotham, but his ruthlessness has helped him make quite a name for himself in the criminal underworld. He's constantly mentioning to his lieutenants and underlings that he'd like a black mask for his birthday or Christmas, but none of them have ever seemed to have gotten the hint.


11) Robin

Dick Grayson is the new child of the renown circus trapeze act The Flying Graysons. Despite being one year old, that doesn't stop his mother and father from taking the child up on their trapeze and high wire to get him used to his future life of death-defying stunts and acrobatics. Most of the drama stems from Child Protective Services attempt to take the child away from the obvious dangers posed by his biological parents.


12) Calendar Man

In the comics, Julian Gregory Day is a criminal who commits crimes according to dates, the days of the week, various holidays, etc. In Gotham, Day will be revealed as a disgruntled writer for a failing holiday card company. How will this doughy writer become the terrifying criminal known as Calendar Man? Pray Gotham never gets so desperate that it decides we need to find out.


13) Man-Bat

Young Kirk Langstrom is another classmate of Bruce Wayne's, who's determined to be a scientist who could help his blind mother overcome her disability. He and young Bruce bond over their shared love of bats; Kirk because he thinks bats' sonar might be the key to helping the blind "see" and Bruce because they're scary and awesome. Because mass audiences cannot be trusted to know that Langstrom will end up as Batman's foe Man-Bat, he will be renamed Wayne Bruce. In his first appearance, Bruce and Wayne will get in trouble and be sent to the principal's office together after their teacher screams, "Why, you two are driving me batty!"


14) Talia A'Ghul

Another Gotham Academy student of young Bruce's, and one with quite a crush on the boy. She battles many of her classmates from Bruce's affection, including spunky student newspaper editor Vicki Vale. Talia is bossy, imperious and determined to get her way by any means necessary. And given that Gotham Academy's principal is her father Ra's, she has a great many means at her disposal…


15) Batgirl

The future Barbara Gordon is currently a spermatozoa living in Jim Gordon's left testicle.


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