Need more reasons to feel paranoid about the NSA? Watch this.

This is a terrific presentation from tech researcher and journalist Jacob Appelbaum. At December's Chaos Computer Congress in Hamburg, he presented the latest documented revelations about how deep the NSA spying rabbit hole really goes.


Appelbaum timed his talk to come out at the same time as a Der Spiegel article detailing the discovery of an NSA group called TAO, which helps the agency spy on citizens' private computers — even intercepting computer deliveries to add backdoors to targeted people's machines. Working with the German news magazine, Appelbaum carefully explains what he found and how it affects ordinary people around the world.

The extreme overzealousness of the NSA's spying programs has been revealed bit by bit in the wake of whistleblower Edward Snowden's revelations last year. Now, even conservative politicians like Republican Sen. Rand Paul are saying that the NSA is going too far. Paul recently threatened to sue the federal government for spying on its own citizens.


You may also watch this video, in higher quality, on CCC's servers.

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That was fascinating. I hope I wasn't the only one who watched this.

One thing he touched on that I've noticed in corporate IT is the death of data retention periods. There's no such thing anymore. It's all "forever." In fact, if you want to not retain data forever, they'll argue with you. So, they're capturing everything - content and metadata - and keeping it endlessly.