How to Traverse an Urban Snowscape

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Winter storms continued to slam the Northeast today. Meanwhile, a record setting "polar vortex" embarked on its frigid march through the Midwestern United States. This photo, taken by AP photographer John Michillo on Friday, shows one enterprising New Yorker making the best of the year's first major snowpocalypse.


(A note to those Midwesterners facing subzero temperatures in the days ahead: Leave the skis in the garage, and your body beneath plenty of blankets. At temperatures like that, I don't care how plucky or resourceful you are. Bundle up, stay warm, and stay safe.)

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Hmm, wtf is this guy doing? There is barely any snow on the ground- it's not even an inch thick.

As a Canadian, I don't understand how afraid of cold and snow you Americans are. All you need is good coat (with hat and gloves), some longjohns, good boots, and winter tires for your car (and a heater for the car if it gets really cold)

It's not an Apocalypse, it's not that lethal, and no you don't need to bust out the skis in the middle of the city.