2013 is almost over — but before we say goodbye lets say thank you to the people who made this year the best year. Seriously, without this list of breakout actors and brand new faces we would be lost, bored, or have nothing to GIF. Here is our complete list of the best breakout stars of 2013.

Grant Gustin

Arrow has been sensational this year. It really has — but the big payoff has to be the introduction of Barry Allen played by Grant Gustin. The DC world had been teasing out this character forever, but we didn't really know if they could pull it off until BLAMMO, Grant Gustin. Well done.

Leigh Lahav

Illustrator, comedian and die-hard fangirl Leigh Lahav's animated videos had us in stitches all year. The light hearted, spot on and incredibly humorous shorts are were a welcome respite to the online glut of viral videos. This lady has talent!

Tony Curran

The absolute stand out on Syfy's big time series gamble Defiance. Without the character Datak Tarr (and Curran's take on him) we would have stopped watching after the third episode. The bad ass alien and local puppet master ran the town of Defiance, and kicked ass, proving that a good villain can really save a series.


You joked about it, dressed up as it, and made copious references to it. Sharks may have dominated the ratings last year (and the year before) but this year it was all about the Syfy original film Sharknado. Sure the ratings weren't so hot, but the tornado made up of sharks will live on forever in viral infamy.

Nicole Beharie

The window into the weird world of Sleepy Hollow. Without the character Lt. Abbie Mills, we wouldn't have a POV character to follow. Plus it's nice to have an ass-kicking female who is also as sharp as tacks. Runner up, her co-star Tom Mison and boss on the series Orlando Jones. Just a dynamite cast right here.

Lizzy Caplan

Actress and comedian Lizzy Caplan is by no means new, but her dramatic work on Showtimes' Masters of Sex THREW DOWN. We knew she could do snarky hot girl, but watching Caplan peel back the layers on the character Virginia Johnson has been a true treat.

Robert Kazinsky

He may have tapped out in an unfortunate manner on True Blood, but Robert Kazinsky is having a great year. This actor got to wear fangs, experience fairy sex and suit up in Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim. This is the new hotness.

Anna Gunn

After years of playing second fiddle to Walter White, Breaking Bad's Anna Gunn rounded out her final season on the series with a bang. Almost out of nowhere Skyler shows up and has had it with all this shit. It's amazing. And if you STILL have a problem with Skyler, we suggest you read her excellent Op-Ed in the New York Times.

Colin O'Donoghue

We did not expect Hook to be this sexy, nor did we expect actor Colin O' Donoghue to get away with acting like such a ham against the world's biggest leather collar. Hook brought some much needed brevity to the astoundingly tiresome season of Once Upon A Time. And a whole lot of sass. We're still not sure if he's a true gentleman or all around scoundrel, but eager to find out either way.

Jena Malone

While everyone was clapping for Sam Claflin's EXCELLENt work as Finnick the bare-chested on The Hunger Game Catching Fire. We were rooting for Jena Malone. Full disclosure: We were not sure if this actress could pull off fan-favorite character Johanna Mason. But she did, and with panache. Not only did Malone's take flesh out Johanna but she humanized the very angry lady. Malone isn't necessarily new but her work in the Quarter Quell sets her up as a break out star of 2013.

Jenna Coleman

The new Doctor's Companion has some seriously big shoes to fill (four of them to be precise). But the quippy Coleman managed to fall right into step with Matt Smith, if not raise his banter bar even higher. Hilarious and kind, this new Companion won our hearts and minds, even if we'd already promised them to Amy and Rory.

Natasha Allegri

Character designer and storyboard artist for Adventure Time, Natasha Allegri struck out on her own with the adorable series, "Bee and PuppyCat." And if you don't like it, you are dead inside.


SeaWorld's bull orca Tilikum and main subject behind the documentary Blackfish was instrumental in educating the public on the horrors of keeping whales in captivity. The story of Tilikum revealed copious dangers SeaWorld subjected both their employees and whales to, and showed the world the awful truth behind this family-friendly theme park.

Norman Reedus

Daryl Dixon is having the best year ever. He came onto the Walking Dead series as a new face with an overbearing brother who ate up most of the screen time. But now he is the STAR. And if you don't believe us, listen to Reedus get introduced at a convention.

Bat Dad/ Bat Kid

One is a hilarious Father with a great Batman voice and a fantastic vine. The other is a little boy that saved the town of San Francisco from the Riddler. We love them both. Forever.

Jennifer Lawrence

Before you all get crazy and complain that Jennifer Lawrence already was a huge deal in 2013, we would argue that everyone's best friend didn't truly break out and dominate our hearts until she fell down accepting her Academy Award back in January of 2013. And from there it just exploded. Couple that with the fact that Catching Fire was astoundingly awesome. This lady broke everything in 2013. All of it. She is the winner.

Chris Hadfield

Retired Commander of the International Space Station, no one did viral space videos like this astronaut. Hadfield (and his collection of videos) taught the WORLD space, gravity, and David Bowie.

Tatiana Maslany

The star of the best new series of 2013, Orphan Black, Maslany had to play over 6 clones (that we know of). And yet still managed to make each character a wholly unique and interesting creation. Tatiana Maslany is the next big thing.

Tom Hiddleston

Mr. Hiddleston is truly THE biggest star of 2013. Everything he touches turns to gold, even little videos of him doing impersonations of other actors or merely dancing. When Marvel came to Comic-Con 2013 they let Loki introduce their brand new line million dollar franchises. Why? Because the world loves him, and they should. Thor 2 was called back to do additional filming just so they could bulk up this actor's role. T-Hids is our number one breakout star of 2013, with a bullet.