Today's discussion of Sansa Stark raised some good questions about why certain characters are or aren't hated, and how much that hate is actually warranted. Which character do you think gets way too much hate and grief from people? To start the Open Channel, let's take a look at the proto-Sansa — Dawn from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Dawn was added in BtVS season 5 more as a plot device than an actual character, so the odds were stacked against her anyways. In season 6, the writers couldn't think of anything good for her to do, so they let her be who she was: A regular teen surrounded by mostly super-powered people who had far more important things to do than pay attention to her, no parents to speak of, and no one watching her (and no decent storyarcs to work with). So she did what any teen would likely do in that situation — dumb shit and/or stealing things — because teenagers are horrible and insane.

Sure, Dawn wasn't likable, but I also don't know that she warranted the hate she received. I mean, Buffy was also behaving pretty horribly in season 6, and Willow even turned into the season's villain, but it's Dawn who gets all the scorn.

So who do you think is getting a bad rap? Let us know in the comments. I'm sure you guys will be quick to attack or defend various characters, which is cool, but please try to keep it civil, okay? Everybody loves somebody, after all. Even Dawn.