We all want cool new tees to wear for the holidays, so it's a perfect time to give a beautiful and/or weird fashion statement to your favorite people. Here are are some of our favorites this season.

Warning: Minor Doctor Who spoilers below...

Gallifrey Falls No More — Just in time to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, there's this gorgeous tee with the three Doctors and Gallifrey's new slogan — "NO MORE." $28 at Her Universe.

Doctor Who Van Gogh — This trippy, beautiful view of the TARDIS (by Van Gogh of course) is a cool reference and looks fantastic. $19 at TeeShirtPalace

Classic Who Logo — Look back on 50 years of the Doctor with this awesome tee featuring the Doctor Who logo from the utterly perfect 1970s Tom Baker era. $17.99 at Swag City

EntHERprise — For the fan who loves lady geek power, here's an award-winning tee from Her Universe, showing the true shape of the starship Enterprise. $21.99 at Think Geek.

Soundwave: Superior — Remember when Soundwave basically ripped Cybertron apart during his 1984 tour? Give the best Transformers gift of all, for $19.99 at ThinkGeek.

West Georgia Correctional Facility — For the discerning Walking Dead fan. $19.95 at Snorg Tees.

Mr. Wilson Cardigan — Keep a comic book lover cozy this winter in this awesome cardigan adorned with Deadpool's face. Love the stripes on the sleeve too. $50 at We Love Fine.

Deathly Hallows Symbol — The perfect thing for the Harry Potter fan who wants to remember an epic battle for good and evil. $23.99 at Skreened.

Amon Propaganda — For the true Legend of Korra fan, this is a sly reference — and a call to fight for bender rights! $25 at We Love Fine

Pleistocene Scene — This insanely awesome shirt is covered in every great thing in the prehistoric world, including a saber tooth cat and a wooly mammoth. Wow. $24.99 at the Page Museum Online Store (scroll to the bottom to find it).

Citysaurs — A gorgeous tee that reminds you where all the fuel for your cities comes from. Technically, it's from the plants that dinosaurs ate, but you get the idea. $14.95 at Threadless.

Song of the Lonely Mountain — If you know someone who'd rather be reading the J.R.R. Tolkien book than seeing the movie this December, reward them with this bookish shirt that includes a few words in Elvish, as well as the lyrics to "Song of the Lonely Mountain." $27.20 at RedBubble

Kaiju Anatomy — For everyone who couldn't get enough of Pacific Rim, here's a Category 3 Kaiju, with anatomical labels. $22.50 at RedBubble

Burning in the Skies — A lovely design for anybody who loves a glowing, gothic landscape — with a raven at its center. $20 at Threadless

Crab Nebula — Of course you want to wear this incredible astronomical wonder on your chest. Erm, I mean, of course you want to give it to a friend for a gift. $21 at Fab

Chalkboard — This snuggie is a beautiful and subtle homage to cosmology and math. $74.95 at the Imaginary Foundation

Space Panda — Self-explanatory awesomeness. $24 at Design by Humans.

The Real Heisenberg — For the true chemistry geek, this tee gives you cred. $12 at T-Shirt Laundry

Rhinestone My Little Pony Tees — Everybody wants a sparklepony for the holidays. Pick up your favorite pony for $16.99 from MyFairysCloset on Etsy

Wild Gummi — Eat too much candy? You may find yourself fighting the wild, giant gummi beast. $21.95 at Glennz

Smauglock Holmes — Our favorite fan creation ever. $24.54 at RedBubble

The io9 Collection — You can collect all four of io9's tees from 604 Republic, for only $18.00 each! All were created for your sartorial pleasure by Stephanie Fox. The io9 logo shirt, at the top, looks even more vivid in real life, and the "space porn" logo is in gold foil for that truly classy astro geek look.