Most of us have that friend, the one without a single piece of decoration on the walls. Just vast expanses of bare space. The good news is that this makes it easy to come up with something to get them. The bad news is that, after this, you may actually end up with too many things to buy. Here's our gift guide for the poster- and art-needing geek in your life!

Art Inspired by Fiction

Juan Ortiz Art Prints

Artist Juan Ortiz has partnered with Star Trek to create limited runs of posters for a bunch of TOS episodes. Each set has four posters, and there are sixteen sets so far. The posters range from the deadly serious to general whimsy. The above photo shows set number 10, which contains a poster for part one of "The Menagerie," a classic, and "Spock's Brain," which . . . is also a classic, but more in the "Oh god, why?" way. Pick any set, for $34.95, at

"The Lannisters" and "The Starks" by Joey Spiotto

Imagine the two houses as musical families, dueling for the top spot on the pop charts and you've got these two prints. Buy both and put them on opposing walls, grinning at each other forever. $35 each, $70 for both. "The Starks" at Gallery 1988, "The Lannisters" at Gallery 1988.

The Ladies of Battlestar Galactica Poster Set

These are just beautiful. The set comes with all four, and artist Megan Lara did each character in the style of a different master. Starbuck's portrait is inspired by Polish painter Tamara de Lempicka. Athena, with Hera, is the style of Gustav Klimt. Laura Roslin is more realistic, in the style of William-Adolphe Bouguereau. John Singer Sargent's portrait of Madame X provides the inspiration for Six. On sale for $29.99 at Think Geek.

Firefly Les Femmes Poster Set

In the same vein, by the same artist, get the women of Firefly in an Art Noveau style inspired by Alphonse Mucha. Set of four for $29.99 at Think Geek.

Paths of Trek by Andrew DeGraff

Ever wanted to follow the path of the Enterprise in art form? Do so with this lovely print, limited to 50. $85, Gallery 1988.

Starships 00 by Chungkong Art

Not all of these are fictional, but this print mixes the ships of fiction and the ships of history as stamps. It's not every day the Enterprise is placed next to Sputnik. You can get one for as little as $5.95, as a postcard, or spring for the $68 dollar acrylic print, with other prices and styles in between. Get it at Fine Art America.

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Poster by Jeff Halsey

Just before the 50th anniversary year ends, pick up a poster to commemorate it. $19.99, Think Geek.

Spaced by Andrew Heath

Pick up this poster based on the television show for $30 at Gallery 1988.

Weird Science Cover by Paolo Rivera

This is available at Mondo for $45, and would be a great addition for the classic sci fi anthology fan.

Gotham City Retro Travel Poster

This rendition of Batman's city is a steal at $8.99. Get it at All Posters.

The McFlys by Kirk Demarais

I mean, you're going to have to explain why you have this on your wall and not a portrait of your own family, but that's a small price to pay. $65, limited to 100 prints, at Gallery 1988.

The Magic Within by Teo Zirinis

Want to relive the growth of Harry Potter? Want to do it by envisioning him as a series of Russian Nesting Dolls? This poster's got you covered. 16.3" by 23.2" at $13.39 or 23.1" by 33.1" at $20.61, available at Red Bubble.

Retro Videogame Propaganda Posters

If what you need is motivation, find it in this set of five propaganda-style posters for Frogger, Tron, Dig Dug, Joust and Donkey Kong. $49.99 at Think Geek.

Fifth Dimension by Jeff Stephens

Everyone wants Rod Serling being on their wall, right? Prices range between $4.95 for a postcard and $75 for an acrylic print. At Fine Art America.

I BELIEVE - Doctor Who and Star Wars - Royal Guard by Michael Rogers

We've featured Michael Rogers' work before, and here are only two great posters for this holiday season. This year's the twentieth anniversary for The X-Files and the 50th for Doctor Who, so what better commemoration than this poster that combines the two? It's $28 at his etsy store, BigBadRobot. The Royal Guard poster is a slightly cheaper option at $27, at the etsy store.


Look, this one's super-expensive (at least, for many of us), but the name alone's great. It's one piece of art, and is acrylic on wood. $440, Art Boy Gallery.

I'm Bored by Jim Ferguson

This is a gorgeous rendition of a ridiculous villain from an absurdly campy movie. This print may actually be easier to take seriously than any moment in the film it's inspired by. $30, Gallery 1988.

Art Game of Thrones by Vlad Rodriguez aka Pixeldomestiko

This limited edition print is 24" x 18," and costs $36 at Rodriguez's site.

Blue Milk by Ryan Brinkerhoff

A) Blue Milk, it does a body good. B) Clearly the friend who gets this and finds it hilarious is the best. $25, Gallery 1988.

Fantastic Travel Destinations by Autun Purser

We wrote about this just a few weeks ago, but what better gift during the winter vacation season than a poster of a place you'd love to visit, but can't? There are forty possible destinations, each poster costing £24.00 ($38.90, according to Google). You can find the posters at Purser's site.

Muppets as Comic Book Characters by Sean Stagg

These are pretty expensive, at $295 each, but Miss Piggy as Wonder Woman is a thing of beauty. Sadly, Beaker as the Joker is already sold. But Snuffleupagus as the Flash is still available! Art Boy Gallery.

Doctor Who Fairy Tales by Karen Hellion

It's going to be hard to stop at just one of these. Or two. Or three. It's a function of the premise of Doctor Who that it's easy to imagine the TARDIS popping up anywhere. These pieces put the TARDIS all over our childhood, and it's awesome. Particular props to the Big "Bad Wolf." Small posters at $13.50, medium at $20.78, and large at 36.44. Get them at Red Bubble.

Marvel Comics Avengers Propaganda Poster Set by Adam Levermore

The title pretty much covers these, but the S.H.I.E.L.D. recruitment one is particularly good. $34.99 at Think Geek.

Star Wars Minimalism - Collective by Casa Del Kables

You can get this poster with all of the images, or individual posters of each one. $15, Society 6.

Art For the Generally Geeky

Weaponized Goliath Beetle Print by Bybee

This print is a beautifully diagrammed blueprint for a beetle with machine guns attached to it. You know, like you do. $19 at Scribble.

Art Prints by Get Your Nerd On

Get Your Nerd On has a bunch of posters for $20 each. There's a paleontology series (some seen above), grammar, astronomy, and periodic table posters, all with this great graphic designs.

Posters by Visual Aid

These. Are. Awesome. The designs are great, and they cover everything from the Heimlich to the flags of the world to different animal paw prints. Sizes range from A4 paper at $8 to 60 by 40 (inches, I think? The site isn't clear) for $68. Get them at Visual Aid.

Pavlov's Cat

No idea if this poster's inspired by the Eddie Izzard bit, but it certainly rings true for many a cat owner. Plus, it's super cheap at $2.98 at All Posters.

The Periodic Table of Typefaces by Camdon Wilde

Technically, "So You Need a Typeface" by Julian Hansen might be more useful, this one's prettier. Comes in cream, black or white. $22, Scribble.

Online Communities Poster by xkcd

Can something that's only a few years old already be classic? If so, this is. $15 at xkcd.