Hollywood now has three Peter Pan movies in development

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Joe Wright (Pride & Prejudice, Hanna) is making a Peter Pan origins movie, instead of the dark live-action Little Mermaid adaptation he was previously signed up to do.

Wright and Arrow producer Greg Berlanti will adapt a Peter Pan script by Jason Fuchs (Ice Age: Continental Drift), which reportedly has people at Warner Bros super excited. I hope they call it Let's Kill All the Fairy Tale Projects, Bury Them in the Ground, And Set That Ground Ablaze Until We Deliver A Little Mermaid Movie.

Note: There are already two other Peter Pan movies in play: Columbia is developing a Pan movie and Disney is adapting Peter and the Starcatchers. So that's good news for J.M. Barrie fantatics, we guess.



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I'm not sure how Disney's Peter Pan isn't being pulled from the shelves. It features a tiny jealous fairy that doesn't want to share Peter, so she tries to murder Wendy at every chance, not to mention an incredibly racist song. It today's PC world, not sure how it's not sitting on the back shelf along with "Song of the South ".