Go inside Taissa Farmiga's twisted mind in Mindscape

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There are lots of stories where someone goes inside someone else's mind or memories... but the person visited is seldom as creepy and unsettling as American Horror Story's Taissa Farmiga seems to be, in Mindscape.


As far as I can tell from this trailer, Mark Strong is a psychic, who has the power to go inside Taissa Farmiga's memories, and relive them with her as though they're happening for the first time. She's been accused of murder, and her memories make it look as though she actually did it. But she insists there's more going on, and her alternately flirtatious and psychotic behavior starts to get to Strong. This looks like it could be a fun little psychic thriller, from first-time director Jorge Dorado.

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I am SO ready for Mark Strong to be the "Good Guy" or "Male Lead"...

Of course, with his propensity for twisted/evil roles, I won't be surprised if the "Hollywood twist" is that HE is the actual murderer...

Regardless, thanks for putting this on the radar, C.J.