Home never looks better than after a long day of dragon training

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After flying all day on dragonback, you just want a hot dish of nasi goreng and some beer. That's exactly what I was thinking as my mount glided above the lights of our little town, its golden windows matching the color of the lava ponds that power it.


Feng Zhu is a concept artist who has worked with some of the biggest names in Hollywood and the game industry. He also runs his own art school, Feng Zhu Design, in Singapore. See more of his work on his website.

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I swear I'm never gonna get my land legs. Sailors talk about how they can't adjust to land after weeks at sea, and maybe that's true— I've never been on a boat before— but I just can't adjust to standing on solid ground after riding a GustJammer all day.

The landlubbers who see our plank palaces chuckle and wonder how the heck we can live in a place that bends, swings, and rocks back and forth. We had some guy from National Geographic visit once, years ago, this dude had been everywhere but the first night staying with my clan, he was throwing up the whole night.

But places like this... these are just the kinds of places we need. We spend our days on the backs of these beautiful creatures: everything else that's supposed to be solid for us isn't. We might have faith in the ground, but it's too solid. Plank palaces feel alive, you know? After spending most of our days for most of our lives weaving and gliding and turning on a pin, feeling those giant lungs rise and fall and the slight tremble of a muscle or the pull of a tendon to articulate a wing or a tail, we need to come home to a place that quakes ever-so-slightly when we step in the right spot, that sways gently with the breeze, that echoes the energy of the people inside, and where the breeze manages to blow inside. Most nights I can smell the stew cooking a block away, wafting through this wall and that crack and this window and that vent and I know everyone I care about is alive and well.

After a long day cold and alone high in the sky, what else could you possibly want to return to?