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A drug that lets people share dreams leads to a deadly mystery

Illustration for article titled A drug that lets people share dreams leads to a deadly mystery

Max Miller Dowdle's webcomic Shattered With Curve of Horn opens on married couple Matthew and Caitlin getting ready for Matthew's art show and a tense reunion with Pierce, an old friend recently released from prison. But Pierce doesn't just want to reconnect, he wants to know what happened the night years ago when the three of them took a dream-sharing drug that ended with Pierce in handcuffs and one of their friends dead.


On the evening of Matthew's big art show, things are tense between him and Caitlin. Beyond the usual stresses of preparing for a big night out, Matthew and Caitlin are still figuring out how to balance their careers and their married life, and whether children might be on the horizon. And then there's the impending arrival of ex-con Pierce, whom Caitlin kept in touch with while he was in prison and whom Matthew seems to resent for reasons beyond Pierce's incarceration.

But these seemingly ordinary people may have some extraordinary secrets, secrets that Pierce wants to get to the bottom of. As he affably discusses his memories, Matthews art, and the nature of dreams, he steers the conversation toward Cluo, an experimental drug they all took one night years ago. And Pierce is determined to learn the truth about that night, even if Matthew and Caitlin won't be completely honest with him—or with themselves.


Deeply character-driven, Shattered With Curve of Horn is a mystery story that unwinds through an uncomfortable conversation that digs at the trio's battered friendship before taking a turn for the more fantastical. It explores the memories we choose to avoid, the sometimes collective nature of art, and how the way we achieve our dreams can color our experiences with success. And it promises to show what happens when we confront the truth of our past head-on, in a way that we can't hide even from other people.

Dowdle is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to fund the complete print edition of Shattered With Curve of Horn, which he plans to release in spring 2014.

[Shattered With Curve of Horn]

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Corban Anderson

Did the author of this ever read The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch by Philip K Dick?