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What Would You Send Into Space to Tell the Story of Earth?

Illustration for article titled What Would You Send Into Space to Tell the Story of Earth?

Over 35 years ago, NASA launched Voyagers 1 and 2 into space, and with them two records filled with a variety of sounds and images designed to be a crash course in human experience. Today, we want to know what you would want to send into space to tell other civilizations about Earth.


In addition to the standard photos of floral and fauna, greetings in over 55 languages, music, and scientific diagrams, the two Golden Records also verge into the delightfully quirky, with a picture of a man eating a sandwich and a surprisingly long sample of whale songs.

So what would you want to add to the mix? Tell us in the comments below. Pictures too, please!

Image: Voyager, JPL / NASA.

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Throw a coin. Seriously. Most of our history can be explained as having money as the ultimate good. They were somewhat isolated people here and there that did something for the common good, something that pushes mankind out of its boundaries, but they weren't the ones that moved the civilization, the ones that did did it wanting more of those coins, not because the future, not because knowledge, not because improving us all, not even surviving as species, just because coins.

So don't show what we aren't, we are not the exceptions, as an average our goal is to get money, or our civilization is managed by the ones that follow that to the letter. In either case, that is what represent us as a civilization.