There's a description of thirty minutes of Thor 2 footage, Lee Pace went crazy playing Ronan the Accuser in Guardians of the Galaxy, and The Walking Dead adds two new cast members. Plus, new footage from The Hobbit. And is yet another old companion joining Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary special? Spoilers ahead!

Star Wars

While he says he's totally on board to return for a Blade Runner sequel, Harrison Ford's more cautious about returning to play Han Solo. On The Graham Norton Show, Ford said that he had "not quite made the choice" about whether to take a part in the new trilogy. In other news, however, he said he'd return to Indiana Jones in a "New York minute." [Moviefone]


Here's video of both Ford and Benedict Cumberbatch on The Graham Norton Show, both refusing to give concrete answers about any possible roles in the new trilogy:

In an interview with Latino Review, Jett Lucas said that the two working titles his father had for Episode VII were "Return of the Sith" and "Rise of the Jedi." Granted, that the names went to Disney with everything else is no guarantee they'll actually be used, but they do tell us the not-entirely-surprising direction that Lucas was planning to go in: a battle between the Jedi and Sith. [Latino Review]

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

Here's the third TV spot. [via Comic Book Movie]

Guardians of the Galaxy

Lee Pace is very excited to play Ronan the Accuser, describing him to Click Online:

"He's a f***ing psycho! He's a real monster. I've had the best time playing this character. I'm glad it's all on film and I never thought I could be so nuts in it!

[Coming Soon]


Here's a new TV spot, with another one at the link. [Comic Book Movie]

Thor: The Dark World

Thirty minutes of footage was shown at an event in Beijing, with a description posted, inc Chinese, at, translated by, and cleaned up by Comic Book Movie:

Just watched a 30-minute clip. It is composed of many smaller clips, so the plot is not consistent.

It begins with Loki wearing handcuffs in Asgard. Guards escort Loki to Odin’s throne where Frigga tells Loki not to repeat his past mistakes. Loki retorts what is “repeat?" To punish Loki, Odin informs him that he will be permanently locked away in a dungeon, and tells him that his brother Thor will be the king.

Then the scene cuts to Thor and the Warriors Three fighting in a village. Thor and Sif have a banter. Sif is seen shielding herself from an arrow. The scene concludes with Thor smashing a stone-like creature (Kronan).

Next up, a brief dialogue scene between Thor and Heimdall, as they look at the stars from the end of the Bifrost (Rainbow Bridge).

Cut to London: Jane is on a date, with a man. Darcy comes interrupts the date by telling Jane that her machine is active once more. A nearby television surprises them with a report that Dr. Selvig has been arrested for streaking at Stonehenge.

Cut to dungeon: Loki shouts to his mom, “He’s not my father!" Frigga asks him “So, I am not your mother, either?” Loki tries to be calm down, and his emotionless reply, “You are not." Frigga reaches out to Loki, and Loki reaches out to her, but it's revealed that the moment isn't real. (Sorry, that scene is a tad confusing in the transcription)

Jane and Darcy are next seen in a police station picking up Selvig. As they leave the station they see birds in the sky disappear, and then suddenly the birds come up from their feet. Dr. Selvig says, "This world is crazier than he I am."

Captives from the village scene and Loki, are all shown locked in their cells. One of the village captives pulls a hammer from his belly. He breaks out of his cell and releases the other prisoners. In doing so he kills many of the Asgardian soldiers. When the creature passes by Loki's cell, their eyes meet, and Loki tells him, "You'd better go the left stairs."

Next, Dark Elves' aircraft is seen invading Asgard. The Asgardians respond with anti-aircraft weapons. The leader of the Dark Elves of Svartalfheim, Malekith the Accursed, busts through the Asgardian palace.

Cut to Thor, the Warrior Three and Heimdall, having a discussion, trying to figure out how to get Jane out of Asgard. They know that Loki knows the secret passage, so Thor goes to Loki for help. Something happens in which Sif saves Jane, and then we see Jane slap Loki when she first meets him. Heimdall creates a diversion. Guards spot them, so Sif decides to stick around to fend them off. Sif gives Loki a warning, telling him not to betray them. They then come to Malekith's aircraft, where Volstagg sticks around to block the oncoming soldiers. Volstagg also warns Loki not to betray them.

Loki, Thor and Jane hop on the aircraft, and then Jane passes out. Something teasing takes place between Thor and Loki, and then when they arrive at some destination all three hop out of aircraft and into some other vehicle. This vehicle is used to take them through the secret passage.

When they arrive at the Dark World, with hopes of negotiating a peace, Loki asks Thor to loosen his handcuffs. Thor does so, and Loki quickly draws out a knife and stabs Thor. The God of Thunder rolls down a hillside. Loki follows after him and kicks Thor in the head. Thor calls for his hammer, Mjölnir, as he goes to reach for it Loki cuts off his right hand (bone is plainly visible).

[Comic Book Movie]

Vampire Academy

Here's a video interview with actress Zoey Deutch talking about her role. [Coming Soon]


Speaking with the DGA, director Darren Aronofsky explained how his big-budget, live-action telling of the story of Noah will use special effects to render all those animals:

We basically went through the animal kingdom and pinpointed the body types we wanted: some pachyderms, some rodents, reptiles, and the bird kingdom. We chose the species and they were brought to life with different furs and colors. We didn’t want anything fully recognizable but not completely absurd either

It was a nice badge of honor. I don’t think it’s the most incredible shot, but I think because of all the hair on the animals it was incredibly complicated for them. They said, ‘We can only render it two or three more times so make sure those are exactly right because they take so long and are so complex.’

[The Movies]

Hercules: The Legend Begins

Here's a look at Kellen Lutz as Hercules in Hercules: The Legend Begins, not to be confused with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's competing Hercules movie. Go to the link to see video footage from the set. [MTV]

And here's a trailer:

Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell

BBC Television's miniseries based on the Susanna Clarke novel about a magician and his student fighting against France during the Napoleonic Wars has cast its two leads: Eddie Marsan will play Norrell and Bertie Carvell will play his student, Jonathan Strange. [Broadway World]

Doctor Who

Take this one with a grain of salt, but an article in OK! Magazine says that the 50th Anniversary Special will see the return of Billie Piper, David Tennant, and Catherine Tate. Now, when Catherine Tate's Donna left the show, she was basically set up as never being able to see the Doctor again without her brain exploding. But they did bring her back, at a distance, for the last David Tennant episode. If she is in the 50th Anniversary, will it be like that, or will she actually play a larger role? [Bustle]

Agents of SHIELD

This week's final scene will see Skye using a piece of S.H.I.E.L.D. technology to check out Grant Ward's "assets." [E! Online]


Go here for a complete look at promo photos from episode four, "Eye Spy." [Buddy TV]

And here for the complete set from episode 5, "The Girl in the Flower Dress." [Spoiler TV]

The Walking Dead

In casting news, Josh McDermitt has been cast as Eugene, a former science teacher who claims to know what caused the zombie outbreak. Also cast is Michael Cudlitz as Army Sgt. Abraham Ford, who travels with Eugene and Rosita. A picture of Cudlitz as Abraham is below. [Coming Soon]

When Robert Kirkman wrote the death of Glenn in the comics, he did worry about the actor who played him in the show, Steven Yuen:

It was really strange for me writing that, knowing that Steven was going to read it. There was a concern like I didn't want Steven to read it and think I was mad at him

And yet, the events of the comics are not necessarily going to be exactly the same on the show. Yuen himself says:

No, there's never reassurances on the show. Obviously, I would like to keep it going as long as possible, but it would be fun to go out that way too. ... At first when I read it I was like, 'Wow.' I thought it was brave. I thought it was terrifying. I actually loved it. I mean what a way to take a beloved character away from the readers, just snatch it away.

And Kirkman states that he's a fan of changes, and he hints at what's in store for the Governor this season:

I sometimes am the loudest when it comes to let's change things up and let's make things different. We're all of the mind that the television show is a different animal, so while we're adapting these stories we do want to keep things fresh and new for the television audience just like it was fresh and new with the comic book audience the first time they read it, so I feel like those changes are important.

We're doing some very new and interesting things with The Governor in Season 4, as you'll see. ... The new season is about the continuing progression of these characters and their lives, so while we're still in the prison, it is a very different prison than what we've known thus far, and they have kind of built a little pocket of civilization within those fences.

More at the link. [Huffington Post]

Andrew Lincoln says that most of Rick's story arc this year is driven by Carl and Judith:

Most of the story arc for Rick is driven by children, by Carl and Judith. [The] central theme throughout this whole season is his responsibilities as a father pulled against his responsibilities as a good leader of the group – in spite of the new setup and regimen. It’s the central thrust of this season: the boy becoming a man and the father accepting it. You meet them in a much happier place, and Rick’s become present in Carl’s life. He’s a hard father, but he’s a fair and loving father. What happens this season – as all parents undergo – is you have to start to listen to your children because they can educate you at times.

More at the link. [TV Line]

The guess is that Norman Reedus is joking about who will be Daryl's love interest this season:

I think in season 4, he and the Glenn character, I think they really have a lot of romantic time that they spend together, and alone time. And I think, you know, it is a prison and I think that that’s probably where his character is going to go. Maggie? Who’s Maggie? You know what I mean? It’s Glenn and Daryl from here on!

See the rest of the interview in a video at the link. [Entertainment Weekly]


Here's the synopsis for episode 2x02, "Identity" and a promo video.

Oliver finds out the medicine that is being sent to Glades Memorial is being hijacked by thieves. Without an influx of supplies, the hospital will close. Roy attempts to stop the thieves, but he fails and is arrested by Officer Lance. Oliver gets into a heated battle with China White (guest star Kelly Hu) and her new partner, Ben Turner, AKA the Bronze Tiger (guest star Michael Jai White), over the supplies. Meanwhile, Laurel makes plans to catch the Arrow, and Thea gives Roy an ultimatum.

[Coming Soon]

Here's a video interview with executive producer Andrew Kreisberg, where he discusses the Flash and the spinoff. He once again describes Barry Allen as a "fanboy," and says that he has a very easy relationship with Felicity. [Buddy TV]

American Horror Story: Coven

We'll be seeing Fiona taunt Delphine LaLaurie with fried chicken, two deaths by alligator, and a flashback that takes us all the way back to 2012. [E! Online]

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

We know from the premiere that Charming's been poisoned, but Josh Dallas says that's going to be occupying his character for a while:

As we know, dream shade is a nasty, nasty thing, so he's going to have a very large secret on his mind, and he's going to keep that from everyone. The great thing about this first half of the season, for everyone and particularly David, now that we go forward, is what that does to his integrity, and how he then compromises his integrity. And through what means does he compromise his integrity? What's great about this first half of the season is that we all have this common goal, to get Henry, and we all have these obstacles, which are really ourselves, and Peter Pan, of course. It's about how he goes forward with this, and how he's going to get out of it. It's going to continue over a few episodes. It's bad news. It's real bad news.

He also teases what Charming and Hook's relationship might look like over the season, which actually seems to gel with the premiere showing the two in agreement more often then not:

All of these characters are leaders in their own right. They all had very different specific ideas of how to do something. Hook is a veteran of Neverland, so he's going to know things about the island that certainly David doesn't know. So, at times he's going to have to stand back and listen to that, and who knows? Maybe as we go forward, maybe they come together and there's the greatest, most beautiful bromance you've ever seen in your life.

[K Site TV]

On the other side of that possible bromance is Colin O'Donoghue, who says we'll see the past between Pan and Hook in a flashback:

At some stage, you will get to see what's gone on in the past, 'cause remember he was in Neverland for 100s of years or whatever. Obviously, you get to see that the Pan in this is quite a nasty character, really. Traditionally, Hook, I guess, is the bad guy. But, their relationship is complicated. It's not as straightforward as Hook wants to kill Pan. He's tied to him in ways I can't actually say at the minute. It's interesting the way that they've done it.

He also says we'll continue to see a softer side of Hook:

What you see is a man who is sort of struggling with — he's had 300 odd years of living with hatred and all that kind of stuff. Now, he's desperately trying to figure out if he wants to let go of that or not. It's an incredibly difficult thing to do when that's the only driving force that's you've had for so long.So, you see a man who's having a massive internal struggle and I definitely think there's a side of him that desperately wants to do the right thing, you know, but within the confines of being Captain Hook and a pirate and being quite selfish. That's kinda where he's at at the minute.

[Buddy TV]

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

Executive producer Zack Estrin says that, at least for now, we won't be seeing an epic crossover between the original Once and Wonderland:

Right now in the beginning we're going to make sure that each show lives on its own. Wonderland is its own show, but down the road, who knows? You may see a familiar face or two making their way over to Wonderland. Certainly there are some who started in Wonderland who could always return.

On the list of those who could return is Regina's mother, Cora, who was also the Queen of Hearts. [E! Online]

The Originals

A good sign for the new show: the CW has ordered three more scripts. The CW must be feeling pretty confident in the ratings so far. [Deadline]

Below is the first photo of episode four, "A Girl in New Orleans, featuring a standoff between Klaus and Davina, a powerful witch who does the bidding of Marcel. Here's the synopsis of the episode:

With the annual Dauphine Street music festival around the corner, Davina, itching for a night out, convinces Marcel to let her attend. Marcel cautiously obliges but asks Cami to keep a watchful eye on Davina. Agnes (guest star Karen Kaia Livers) convinces Hayley to visit a mysterious doctor in the bayou where she makes a shocking discovery. Meanwhile, Klaus takes a special interest in Cami, who reveals some alarming information about her past, and a determined Rebekah is on a mission to get to the bottom of a recent strange encounter involving Elijah.


Tomorrow People

The CW's also ordered three more scripts for this series, so good signs for the new genre shows. [Deadline]


Executive producer Phil Klemmer explained why the story from the original series works now:

For me, it’s more a story about a generation that could be any generation who feels like they’re innovating on whatever their parents did and their teachers did, and it’s a story about struggle between generations. It’s like a coming of age story in one sense but then the backdrop is huge — there’s nothing larger or more dramatic than the notion of where we’re headed as a species.

He also teased Jason Dohring's character, appearing later in the season:

Whereas the [main] Tomorrow People are content to sort of live on their own, there are other Tomorrow People who take a more aggressive stance and think that humans have overstayed their welcome on the planet.They are willing to sort of go to nose-to-nose with us to make room on the planet.

More at the link. [Entertainment Weekly]

Go here for a complete set of promo photos from episode 2, "In Too Deep," and here for one for episode three, "Girl Interrupted." [Multipleverses and Buddy TV]

And here's a reel with clips from the first eight episodes:


A tweet from Jared Padalecki revealed that Lindy Booth would be guest-starring in an upcoming episode. No word on what her role is, however. [Spoiler TV]


NBC's take on the classic vampire has Jonathan Rhys Meyers' Dracula posing as an American industrialist who wants to introduce modern science to the Victorians. To that end, production designer Rob Harris added items on the cutting edge of 1896, like telephones, electric carriages, and "the cinema," to the set. He also explains what we can expect to see from the sets:

The idea was to make it as interesting as we could and do a new take. It gives you more scope to invent your world.

[The design for Dracula's manor] came from a very rich person's house in London from the period. We didn't want Gothic or a castle tower. It's kind of similar to an 1896 Great Gatsby with strong colors.

Also, there won't be any coffins in bedrooms:

He will sleep in an actual bed.

[The Hollywood Reporter]

Here's the synopsis for episode two, "A Whiff of Sulfur":

Grayson takes Lady Jayne as a lover even as he investigates her lethal connections to The Order of the Dragon. Grayson helps Mina face a critical challenge at medical school. Van Helsing continues his quest to develop a solar vaccine to enable Grayson to conquer sunlight. Jonathan Harker strikes a devil's bargain with Grayson which has unexpected consequences.

[Spoiler TV]

Go here for the complete set of promo photos for the same episode. [Spoiler TV]


Here's the official synopsis of episode 3.02, "PTZD":

THE MAN HUNT FOR NICK ESCALATES – SHOHREH AGHDASHLOO GUEST STARS – Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell), Hank (Russell Hornsby), Rosalee (Bree Turner) and Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch) track down a manic Nick (David Giuntoli) and do all they can to find him and reverse what’s been done to him before he causes any more damage. Meanwhile, Captain Renard (Sasha Roiz) does his best to clean up the zombie fallout on all fronts - domestic and international. Elsewhere, the more time Adalind (Claire Coffee) spends with Stefania (guest star Shohreh Aghdashloo), the more disturbing things seem to get in her quest to regain her Hexenbiest abilities. Reggie Lee also stars.

[Spoiler TV]

Da Vinci's Demons

Here are the first official promo photos of season two, plus the synopsis:

Starring Tom Riley (“Monroe,” I Want Candy), as the title character, season two of “Da Vinci's Demons,” finds Florence thrown into chaos in the wake of the Pazzi conspiracy. Lorenzo is gravely ill and Leonardo da Vinci must push the limits of his mind and body to defend the city against the forces of Rome. While the Medicis go to unthinkable lengths to deal with new threats, da Vinci continues on his quest to find the fabled Book of Leaves and uncover the secret history of his mother. He'll come to realize that he has lethal competition in his quest — new enemies who may be even worse than the forces of Pope Sixtus. His search will take him to faraway lands and force him to reevaluate everything he knew about the world and his own history.

Additional reporting by Charlie Jane Anders and Jason Krell