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Earlier this week, Helen Fielding caused jaws to drop across the planet, because the new Bridget Jones book opens five years after the death of Mark Darcy. But this kind of off-screen (or off-page) death happens all the time. What's your least favorite example of an unseen character death from science fiction or fantasy?


Perhaps the most vile of all off screen demises takes place in Alien 3. Cpl. Hicks (played by the toothy smiling Michael Biehn) gets tossed aside by a COMPUTER MESSAGE. Hicks is a bad ass, who can keep up with Ripley, and possesses the all-important grasp of logic that was sadly lacking in many other characters in this series. And then we hear that he was impaled by a safety support or something, and it's bullshit.

Now it's your turn — which sudden off-screen death left you feeling most betrayed? Bonus points if you can include a picture of the character and a ranking of your rage 1 to Scanners. Remember it has to be an off screen or throwaway death — so Wash is OUT.


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