Illustration for article titled i12 Years A Slave/i Writer-Producer Working On New Marvel Show For ABC

Academy Award-winning writer and producer John Ridley has been reported to be working on a new TV show for Marvel, to air on ABC. Could this have something to do with the recently rumored Agents of SHIELD spinoff? I think it just might.


Right now, the project is unknown, but according to Entertainment Weekly...

We hear the deal involves reinventing an existing Marvel superhero character or property for ABC—but all sides are staying quiet on exactly which title Ridley is adapting.


I’d still rather have more Agent Carter, but I’m way more intrigued in this SHIELD spinoff if Ridley’s involved. But who is it? Cloak and Dagger? Runaways? Nextwave? (It’s totally not Nextwave, but a man can dream.)

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